Branding Image – Corporate photography

Branding Image – Corporate photography

And another opportunity came my way to do what I love, fellow photographer Jannah from Jcreate photography and founder of Album registry needed images that represented the brand, cool, urban, fun,clean look so I turn my brain to think (yes I just said that) and well I thought this little coffee shop in the middle of corporate offices in Cairns city had the feel , and well it did, she liked the idea and we decided on a  time to meet there, actually glad we did an early shoot as an hour later it was pouring down so we got lucky with the weather.

Now last Saturday our local newspaper  Cairns Post did a story on Album Registry and Jannah and how it all started, great story and I’m glad the images worked well and she even made it to the front cover cause she is awesome or as she would say “Rad” .

If you haven’t heard about album registry check out their website

And if you are a business owner here in Cairns or anywhere really (I like to travel) and want awesome images then contact me ;)  , I love the creative part of my job so throwing ideas and making sure the images represent you and your brand.

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