Gallo Dairyland Chocolate and Cheese Heaven

Gallo Dairyland Chocolate and Cheese Heaven

Back to blogging and why not start with something that a lot of people like, yes, another lucky day for me when I got to shoot lotssss of amazing chocolates and cheeses at Gallo Dairyland on the Tablelands. Great thing was that I was allowed to try these chocolates after shooting them and well I had already tried them so I was happy to say yes to that. This family business makes beautiful handmade chocolates , there is a large variety of them , from memory we did about 50 but there are more and let’s not forget about their famous cheeses , they have a large variety including brie, haloumi , chilli ones, peppery ones arh so many too name.

If you  haven’t had the chance to visit Gallo’s Dairyland  then make sure you do. They are located on the beautiful Atherton Tablelands a bit over an hour from Cairns. So much greenery around, there is a beautiful cafe so you can have breakfast or lunch there. There is also a small animal nursery so if you have young kids they can visit the animals.

How can I stop writing without showing some photos from the day, feast your eyes :) (insert drooling emoji)

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