How to choose the right photographer for you Part 1

How to choose the right photographer for you Part 1

Hi there, I’m glad you found this post !! I was actually trying to make a little vlog about this but hey, I just can’t do the video thing, much rather be behind the camera but this post is not about me , it’s about helping you find the right photographer for you (non commercial )

So here I want to give you a couple of pointers that hopefully will help you out.

Not all photographers are created equal! Yes, I said it! ha ha . Some people pick up a camera and a business name and they are ‘photographers’ others work hard on the trade and have adequate insurance and back up (me) as this is our main profession (so not a second job only)

We all have different styles (most do) , and if you were to put 12 photographers together to shoot one subject you will end up with 12 different images, that is because as humans we see things differently and the same goes with photography.

Before you ask someone for a quote , make sure you check out that photographers work and that you like what you see in their portfolio .

Do the images speak to you? Can you see yourself in one of those photographs? Do you feel the connection when you see the images? If you said yes to all 3 then go ahead and get in touch with that photographer, but if you look at the photos and then start wondering why is that person facing the wall? why are they sort of posed weirdly like that? why are my eyes hurting? Yes  you guessed it, don’t contact that photographer, you are obviously not a good fit.

I would also add to look for a technical aspect but if you don’t know about photography how would you know, well just main things here are check out exposures, are the images really blown out  as in ‘too much light’  that you don’t see any details in clothing or faces  or are they too dark that you can’t actually see them properly , are they blurry/sharp? so many things to look at but these are just a few things.

I have in the past been sent emails to ask for a quote to photograph ie: a newborn baby, if you look at my website chances are you are not going to find a photo of one, that’s because I don’t photograph babies, I might have done so in the past (past past) but not now , so when I do get anything like this I rather recommend fellow photographers who I know have had the proper training to handle babies and know what they are doing with your precious cargo , by this I’m actually referring to posed baby photos not the lifestyle ones, I still like to give a couple of options so that there is still a choice in term of styles ie: colourful photos/ moody photos / black & white etc


So please make sure that when you are choosing your photographer you do your research, maybe just narrow it down to those that you feel connected with and then once that’s done then you can talk to them to check out their personality and then you can talk about price. There  are so many photographers and  “photographers”  out there that if you don’t do what I mentioned above then you might end up with images that you don’t like, so don’t do that!! Good luck stalking photographers – I mean researching photographers now!!

Image by <a href=”;utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_campaign=image&amp;utm_content=3839456″>Pete Linforth</a> from <a href=”;utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_campaign=image&amp;utm_content=3839456″>Pixabay</a>

Part 2 will be about choosing the right photographer for your business needs.

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