Printing your photographs for future generations

Printing your photographs for future generations

Printing for future generations

If you were born in the 70’s chances are you had a photograph (yes a tangible image printed on photographic paper) of your grandmother or grandfather, most likely in your parent’s home, in an album, or framed.

This is my grandmother. This photograph was probably taken during the late ’40s or early 50’s.

There is something magical about photography to me and how you can stop time, today in 2021 I can show my son this photograph of his great grandmother.

The importance of printing your photos is massive when you know that photographs are passed through generations.

Technology has advanced very quickly in terms of digital storage, floppy disks, cd’s , even usb’s today are not as popular as before. The best thing you could do is to print your photographs and know that this is for your family’s future generations and family history.


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