Retouching or Editing ?

Retouching or Editing ?

I wouldn’t blame anyone who thinks that photographers just press the shutter and by pure magic, a photo is done, there and then! no need to edit, no need to download, no need to do anything else, done! voila!! Well sorry to tell you, but I wish it was.

The truth is that most of our photographer’s life is actually spent editing and other times retouching images.

The editing process can vary depending on the photographer’s style. For me when I do any commercial work and especially when I do headshots and branding images it means I’m actually retouching images.

Retouching images is more in-depth than editing images and can mean hours in front of the computer.

Retouching images means we are removing any blemishes, smoothing skin,  whitening teeth, fixing hairs having a life of their own, fixing clothing, removing items and so much more. This is not the same as editing, editing normally is processing the color and levels on an image.

This is why when you are hiring a professional photographer you are not paying for someone to show up and click a few images, you are paying for professional services, professional images other times professional products and this also includes the lengthy-time spend retouching your images.


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