What a year! bye bye 2020

What a year! bye bye 2020

With only a few more hours of 2020 I prepare to say goodbye to this year and ready to welcome the new year.

On a personal level I lost an aunt and an uncle this year, not to Covid but health issues, I’m glad I got to spend time with them especially my aunty when I was younger and overseas.

I know they are in a better place now free of pain.

At a business level, you can call me an optimist, and this year I opted to see the good of every situation, I’m glad I did cause I did see a lot of positive stories, met amazing people, and saw so many other people changing their lives to finally pursuing what they loved (careers ).

So I can’t really complain too much about this year but I’m definitely looking forward to 2021 and to see what greatness we can create.

So once again I’m forever grateful to those that trust me with their images, whether it is portraits for their homes or for their businesses, it’s been a pleasure for me to be able to create images and to listen to your ideas and needs.

Next year is already looking good for me as finally (yes) my husband has taken the step to help me out with the business side of things and what great help that is as it’s always been me doing everything (besides books and tax) so I’m happy already :)

Can’t wait to meet new faces and to continue to work with familiar faces too .

ps: couldn’t load up all the photos so a little sample here from some of the fun we had.


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